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Trials, tribulations and pumpkins

The new spot is okay; not the best, but will do. It’s definitely temporary! We’re parked at the end of the road on a little business park. There is some waste ground behind me. There is also a distinct lack of trees. Fortunately, Veronica has come to the rescue by delivering seasoned logs as and when I need. Michael and I have also been off to a place called Church Wood to forage for firewood. Of course, the problem has been the weather. So, Veronica’s generosity has been doubly appreciated.

A Gypsy liaison officer popped by accompanied by a council representative. I was informed that I was not on council land. The road is part of the business park, which I believe is owned by none other than Sea Change, the company that evicted me from the previous spot.

I had arranged to view a barn for the day that I had ended up being evicted. I had contacted the advertiser to postpone our appointment. I heard nothing back. I then contacted the advertiser to rearrange the viewing. He had already suggested Sunday previously, so I suggested that day. I heard nothing. I presumed that there was no objection and headed out to the address given. Michael came too. We found an old bloke who had no idea what we were talking about. I contacted the advertiser again. Finally, I received a reply. He was elsewhere! The next thing I received was a message asking for a deposit on the barn. It was obviously a scam.

I then started to search again for a barn. I asked in the village and have placed adverts all over the various Facebook groups covering an area that is within an hour’s drive from Hastings. I don’t want to go further afield if I can help it as Daniel wants to be involved in the build. It would be impractical for him if he had to commute for more than an hour. I have had loads of messages of support, etc. as well as a few suggestions as to where I might find what I’m looking for. I have had a look at some, not many. All bar one so far, have been too small. As for the one that is ideal, the last I heard was that the farmer was looking into insurance costs.

With all the stress that I have been under, I became aware of chest pain, so much so, that I decided to telephone the non-urgent NHS line, 111. I explained everything that was going on and assured the telephonist that I was not actually having a heart attack. I was put through to a triage doctor. He said that he would contact my GP who would contact me for an appointment with a view to arrange any scans that may be required. I thanked him. A few days later, I received a telephone call from the surgery receptionist at Churchwood Medical Practice, the same practice that the receptionists appear to run.* In a nutshell, I was refused an appointment with a GP! I have since been to the local surgery in Sidley, where a lady named Caroline personally made sure that I was given an appointment to see a GP.

Shortly before the weather came in, I went for a little walk. The circular route took me through a ford. Unfortunately, the depth gauge is significantly incorrect. It was reading less than a foot. I ventured in knowing that my boots were tall enough. However, within a couple of steps, the water was already at the level indicated. I backed up. The gauge has obviously been set incorrectly. I would estimate that the depth of the river was probably nearer 2’ at the time. I found a thin log that was laying across a narrow section. I carefully crossed. I wouldn’t attempt it again. Basically, it’s probably only safe to cross in the Summer. This time of year, with all the rain, the river is a torrent.

One day, I found three good sized pumpkins that had been dumped by the hedge close to my caravan. “A strange place to dump perfectly good pumpkins.” I thought. They didn’t appear to have been left for me, either. I brought them in. Well, actually, once I had deduced that they were perfectly good, I put two of them back outside, on the trailer, under the caravan, where they would remain cool. I then fed Michael, Froggy and I on pumpkin meals for two weeks! We had pumpkin soup, pumpkin Korma and sweet and sour chicken and pumpkin, plus loads of pumpkin based cakes, all laced with some canna-butter! Unfortunately, I completely forgot to take some photographs of the feast. Sorry.

*see entry Visiting my mum …..

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