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Christmas dinners

I have been overwhelmed again by the kindness and generosity of the people of this town. Besides all that has happened this year, this last week has been incredible. After the gifts of chocolates and the huge box of food, a woman stopped by with a bagful of wrapped presents. On opening, I found warm clothing. There was a woolly hat, gloves, socks and something called a snood. Apparently, one pulls it over the head, somewhat like a balaclava, it covers the neck. There was also a box of a well-known brand of male perfume spray stuff. Unfortunately, it’s not something that I’m prepared to use due to the very dodgy chemicals in it’s make up. It’s extremely bad for the skin as the chemicals get into the pores, blocking them so that the skin cannot breathe. Nasty stuff.

One evening, there was a knock at the door. On answering, stood before me were four teenage girls. They said that they had been having a little party and wished to share some of the food with me, then handed me a plateful of savoury bites; little parcels of all sorts; all vegetarian; mini bhajis and spring rolls, etc.

Later, there was another knock. This time the Asian lady who had made some jam a while back presented me with a big tray of the most wonderful hand-made cakes, mini biscuits and little chocolates.

The next day, I was carrying on as usual, pottering about getting on with jobs, when the Sri Lankan couple appeared with the dinner that had been promised. I ended up saving it and warming it up the next day as within the hour Dawn turned up with a huge roast dinner. It was still hot, so I tucked in. I had to save half for another day! There was also a trifle for pudding.

The Sri Lankan meal was awesome. It was beautifully put together.

In the evening, another large meal appeared along with a fruit cake with marzipan icing.

I put a notice of thanks on all the local Facebook pages.

I am hugely grateful and humbled by the thoughtfulness of the community at large. I can honestly say that I have truly experienced the ’Christmas spirit’ of giving!

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Those were very giving and caring people. I'm happy they shared their Christmas with you and the cats. Sounds like you were able to enjoy several tasty treats.


Wizard Steve
Wizard Steve
Dec 28, 2020

The cats did get some treats


What lovely people to be so thoughtful! Your Christmas visitors have definitely made it a very tasty time! I hope they brought something for the cats as well? Great blog as usual xx

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