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Computer stress and a couple of improvements

Things have been very difficult for me mentally for a couple of weeks now. The computer decided to wipe out what was the next instalment of my journey out of Cornwall, ‘On the road again’ - Stonehenge. The worst of it, though, was the fact that the computer also decided to wipe out the back-up script, too! To say that the air became somewhat blue is a bit of an understatement. I was fuming! Anyway, I don’t want to think about that now. I was seriously on the point of jacking the whole blog thing off. I wasn’t going to write another word. Ever. However, here I am. Before I get my head around writing about Stonehenge again, I thought I would just tell you about one or two other things that have happened recently.

A couple of small improvements; The cheap Chinese light switch had stopped working, or in fact, was working intermittently. It was a touch-screen jobby. I, with Froggy’s help sourced a better switch. It was a bit of a saga; The first one I bought turned out to be for household use. The second one didn’t fit the previously cut aperture. So, I made one out of the two. What was left, Froggy took as he had a use for it. It is much better as it is a proper push-button effort. i.e. mechanically operated.

With the recent heat, the door tended to be wide open, as I often prefer, anyway. But, the downside is that people walking past can’t help but peer in. So, I managed to source a lovely piece of netting that fits perfectly. It also helps to keep flies out. Flies are a constant problem, mainly due to the cats’ food, which I generally have to keep covered.

As you may remember, I have loads of Eucalyptus. I have chopped it all up and bagged it. I have put a notice with them offering them for sale. I’ve not sold any yet, despite the usual time-wasters contacting me through on-line ads. I did swap some for some lengths of 2x1 which will definitely come in handy with my build. That will continue after I have been travelling for a bit.

I managed to receive a bee sting for the first time in a few years. It was completely random and unforeseen. I tend to put my wellies on whenever I walk through brambles, for obvious reasons. Unbeknownst to me, a bee or wasp, I didn’t see which had entered the top of my boot and had been bashed against my leg as the leg of the boot hit as I was walking. I felt a sting. I instinctively bent to scratch my leg, catching hold of the critter, who simply flew off. I got home and bathed the area in cyder vinegar. I couldn’t see a sting in my leg, so just carried on. Though there was no inflammation, the area irritated me for a good week or more. I still have a mark now.

One day a bloke stopped by and gave me a large leisure battery and inverter. There was also some household flex and a light strip. I gave away the lights and flex as I had no use for them. I use the on-line ‘free cycle’ sites. I recently gave away some caravan steps, too. I put the battery on charge. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t take charge, so I will have to weigh it in. The inverter is a sizeable machine. I will install it when I come to re-organise my power station. There’s a lot to do on that front, which you will get to read about in due course, again, after I’ve been travelling for a bit.

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2 comentários

It must have been a wasp as bees die after stinging and leave it behind in you.Vinegar helps a wasp sting as you found out. Good luck with your travels, I enjoy reading this.😊

Wizard Steve
Wizard Steve
10 de set. de 2022
Respondendo a

True. I love cyder vinegar. It’s a bit of a ‘cure all’. Amazing stuff. I always get it with Mother, of course. Thank you!

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