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Cowdray Forest, part 2

The next morning, I felt much better, which, at it turned out, was just as well. I had an easy breakfast, then went for a walk. I decided to take a different route on this occasion. As I left the car park following the footpath the day before, I noticed a notice asking dog walkers not to leave their dogshit bags hanging on the fence. Incredibly, the notice appeared to work. That is, until I headed out on a different path this day. Believe it or not, the irresponsible dog walkers were leaving the bags on a different fence where there is no notice!

It beggars belief that so many people seem to not have the intelligence that they were born with. Those filthy imbeciles pick up the organic naturally decomposing matter and place it in a non-decomposing plastic bag, then dump the said full bag along the footpath or hang it in a tree as though it were some kind of offering. The dog fouling act was introduced to clean up recreational fields and beaches, or any public area. Although our woods are public spaces, it is only required to keep the footpaths clean. It is perfectly acceptable and even encouraged to just flick the waste into the hedge where the public do not wander.

Anyway, on I went. I followed the main path over a brook

into the woods.

Japanese Larch and Scots Pine


I walked on, eventually crossing a stream.

Pendulous Sedge

I then followed the stream.

I followed the stream for quite a way, to the point that I began to think about recrossing so that I could head home. I eventually found a suitable crossing point by a couple of old Hawthorns.


I wandered through the woods following a narrow footpath heading in the general direction of home. It was interesting. I saw some deer. They must be Muntjac as they are grey. I didn’t get a chance to photograph them. They appeared a disappeared in a moment.

Eventually, I met a woman walking a number of dogs. We stopping and chatted for a bit. I discovered that a leaflet that I had given to another dog walker had generated nine leads. That one dog walker had told the rest of the dog walkers who use the woods.


Row ofSilver Birch

Before long, I was in sight of home.

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