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Crasken hell - Introduction

As you know, I don’t normally introduce a chapter, but on this occasion I feel that it may be prudent to do so.

This next part to my story has taken me a while to write. The story unfolds during what I arguably consider to be the worst three and a half years of my life, from a prolonged perspective. I feel that it should be related, not just for the fact that it’s a part of my story, either. There is some healing in it.

I have tried to write objectively and without emotion, keeping to the facts as I remember them. I hope that you will not judge me too harshly, but continue to enjoy reading my story, as dark as may be at times.

Where there is a Yin, there is a Yang. In order to appreciate the good times in life, one must experience the bad. The worse things get, the better they’ll be. Perfect balance.

So, rest assured, it does get better!

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