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Creative juices and idiots

It’s funny; I have gone from not being able to write a single word to writing over 2,000 words in one sitting. I thought that I would write about some of the festivals I had been to. By the time I had completed the text, it was going to be something like a 45 minute read. More like a chapter in a book than a five minute blog post over a cup of tea!

What to do?

I sounded my mate Steve out, who is a writer, via text messages and resolved the matter myself without giving him a chance to actually reply.

I have decided that the ‘chapter’ can be broken down into bite-size snippets and published like a serial, a bit like I did with the story of the cats.*

There are a number of advantages to this idea:

• You won’t need to find a spare 45 minutes to read the post

• You will be kept interested enough to look forward to the next instalment

• I will be able to keep the flow of writing going without a break

• I will be able to remember things in the right order

• I will be in the position of being able to edit in anything that I forget whilst keeping the continuity of the story

• I will be ahead, having several snippets in hand

• It will keep the creative juices flowing

• As each chapter ends, I will be able to seamlessly move onto the next chapter

I think you will enjoy the format. Be sure to leave feedback. Let me know, good or bad.

The only problem is that in order for this to work, I have to add a whole piece ahead of what I have already written as it won’t be possible to go back once I start publishing. So, please bear with me, it’ll be worth it.

Of course, this only affects the biography part of the blog, the build and general ‘diary’ will carry on as is.

Talking of which, I am not happy with the imbecile who called the fire brigade out to me. This is the second time some knobhead has called them. I understand that seeing a caravan with a chimney sticking out of the roof may be unusual, if not rare, in these parts, but by the gods, when one sees smoke being carried on the wind as it exits a chimney, what possesses some-one to then deduce that the caravan is therefore on fire!?! In ten years of living in this caravan I have never heard of such a stupid, irresponsible thing, yet it’s happened twice in six months of being here!

I have posted a stern ‘announcement’ on all the local Facebook pages. I hope that that will help to educate.

*see entries Arian and Rowan, parts 1 - 7

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