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Denne Park

After spending a careful night, trying not to move about too much, I gingerly had breakfast. The rugby club became very busy surprisingly early. A number of matches took place all day, starting with children’s matches, with the seniors playing later, in the afternoon. I got on with shoring up. I bolstered the bearers with blocks and added more load straps. In short, I made sure that movement was impossible! I then spent the rest of the afternoon pottering about doing other odd jobs.

By early evening, I decided that it was time to move on. Besides anything else, the next day was Sunday. It was likely to get a bit noisy in the morning!

I headed for a supermarket at Horsham with the intention of sitting in the cafè while I figure out where I was going next. However, despite the size of the store, the cafè area had been removed. I did some shopping, then sat in the truck and searched for a place to stop. At the exit of the supermarket is a roundabout that has a B-road off of it. The road leads South over Denne Hill. I spotted a pub with a long car park. I decided to try my luck there.

I turned up the lane at the side of the Boar’s Head. The car park was very clear. I continued on to a junction where I was able to turn around. I then went back down to the pub and pulled onto the car park. I then walked along and into the pub. I met Malcolm, the manager. He very kindly consented to allow me to stay overnight. He was at pains to point out that it was not the policy of the company to allow camper vans. I acknowledged his concerns and said that I would convey that in my blog. I also agreed that I would be gone by about 11 o’clock. As it would be Sunday, the pub gets busy with Sunday roast diners. I had a couple of pints and caught up with internet work.

The next morning, after the usual cups of tea, I went for a short walk. Opposite the pub is Denne Park. To access the park, I walked a short distance up the hill to a gate.

Red Clover

Common Sorrel

Bird’s-foot Trefoil

Meadow Buttercups

Hawthorn in bloom

Hawthorn blossom

A patch of Stinging Nettles

Pruinose Bramble

By the time I got back, the front door of the pub was open. I popped my head in. On enquiring, I was shown the whereabouts of an outside tap from which I was welcome to top up my water supply.

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