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Edits, batteries and thoughts

I spoke to my mate Kev who I introduced you to in the story of Swamp Circus. I haven’t spoken to him for ages and it was great catching up. He’s just recently started making videos of himself making things by bending steel rods into various shapes by hand. I don’t mean tent peg sized rods, either. The video that I watched ( is of him bending a 16mm (5/8”) rod! What really amazed me was that the finished article was symmetrically perfect. Anyway, I told him about this blog and said that I had written about him and the fun we had had with the circus. He corrected me on a couple of points. I therefore have edited the relevant paragraphs. Unless you can remember exactly what you read, you won’t notice the edit as the lapse of memory was minor.

The truck battery finally gave up the ghost. Rather than kill another decent battery, Michael picked up a car battery from the breaker’s. He’s had to put extra charge into it, but it will do for the time being. The boys say that they are clubbing together to buy me a solar panel kit. That will make my life easier. I will be able to charge the leisure batteries all day, every day and not have to rely on the truck battery and constantly draining it.

I’ve been thinking about the Spring recently. I had hoped to go travelling then, but with all that’s going on, I reckon that’s not going to happen. Mind you, instead of travelling down to Cornwall over a length of time, probably around three months, sorting out my trailers, ‘phoning Michael to come down to tow my horse trailer back to Sussex, then spend another three months travelling back myself, it would be better to leave the caravan here, run straight down to Cornwall, sort trailers and tow horse trailer back myself. It would save me the extra cost of fuel for Michael. I could get Michael to fuel up the truck and fill the jerrycans for me, which would give me enough fuel to get to Cornwall and back without the need for me to stop and buy fuel. That way, I won’t have to worry about coming into contact with any potential virus carriers at fuel stations. I’m not likely to get stopped for travelling during restrictions as the truck is a commercial vehicle. Whereas, who knows what hassle I’ll get travelling with my caravan. The only thing I’ll need is a caravan-sitter for say five days at the most. That would also mean that I could get on with the build. Perhaps with things the way they are, I should take advantage of the time and get as much as I can done on the caravan. The more I get done now, the fewer times I will need to stop in future.

Photograph courtesy of Kevin Callaby

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Wizard Steve
Wizard Steve

It appears that the video is not working. Sorry! I don’t know how to fix the problem. If you want to watch it, please head over to Fb where you will find the original. I will see if I can post it onto my Fb page.

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