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Getting stoned with apricots

Another thing I was recently given was one of those catering tins of apricots. I started by getting meringue cases and gelatine. Unfortunately, I set out the cases loaded with apricots before I made the gelatine. I had forgotten how long it takes to set! I ended up eating the meringue and apricots as was.

A mate who vapes his weed sends me the AVB (after vape burn, or something). Basically, the vaped weed still has THC, so, it can be re-used. I make cannabutter. Just a teaspoon mixed in with food has the desired effect. It’s ideal as one gets the health benefits, an all-over-body stoned rather than a head stoned (smoking) and importantly, no smoking!

So next, I made apricot flapjacks. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I keep forgetting that my oven gets really hot, I burnt them. I decided to eat all the burnt ones, keeping the rest for another day. I then decided to make apricot jelly with the gelatine that I’d made. I also crushed some biscuits and laced them before pressing into a tin and made a sponge.

The next day I cut the sponge and laid it on the jelly, made custard, added a thick yoghurt and decorated. I also made a canna-cheesecake mix forgetting that I had already added cannabutter to the biscuit base. Once that was set and decorated I couldn’t help but get tucked in. It was delicious. The only problem was, I got proper stoned, got the munchies and ended up tucking into more cheesecake, which got me absolutely battered! I’ve slept well lately and been literally waking up stoned!

I eventually made another batch of flapjacks. They came out much better.

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Steve you are a kitchen goddess xx

Me gusta
Wizard Steve
Wizard Steve
05 abr 2021
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Hahaha, goddess?!

Me gusta
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