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Ignorant behaviour and an interview

One day as I walked across the tiny meadow that keeps getting mown down, I was greeted with the site of a bloke shitting!

As I walked by I said, “Mate! What the..?

He looked up and said, “Sorry. I was caught short.”

I said, “Why there!? I live here. People passing are going to think it’s me! You could’ve gone into the woods!”

He just became apologetic.

On another day, I was busying myself as always; working on the truck, when I became aware of a blue Japanese van being cleared out. I didn’t take any further notice as it is not unusual for tradesmen to pull up and tidy their vans. After a short while, I noticed the van drive by. A minute or two later, I happened to turn towards my caravan. It was at that point that I saw the pile of junk that had been dumped on the pavement.

A lady from the local council turned up to record the fly tip. I spoke to her. I happened to mention that it sheds a bad light on me as the general public may blame me. She reassured me that as far as the authorities are concerned, they know that it’s nothing to do with me.

I am acutely aware of prejudice. I have been the victim of abuse from those that lack the intelligence to allow others to live in peace.

But, best I leave that subject there, otherwise I am likely to rant!

One rainy day the cats became alert, which in turn, got me curious. I looked outside and saw a tent in the wooded patch opposite my door. A bit later on I said hello. It was a couple with a dog. He said hello and said that they probably wouldn’t stay overnight. I told him that most people go into the woods, but they’d be alright where they are. They didn’t stay, but they did leave their crap!

On the other hand, I sold some of my big logs to some bloke who stopped by. He said that his Mrs. wanted a ‘garden feature’.

And, one day, working away, as usual, I was approached by a bloke who introduced himself as Jake Bowers. He told me a little about himself, explaining that he is a Romani journalist and could he interview me on film. I got on with him immediately and readily agreed. He also had a couple of students from Trinity College, London with him. We just chatted about me, the cats and who I am. He asked me what I thought about the bill that is being proposed by Priti Patel that effectively makes my life illegal. I explained that the bill is unlawful as it discriminates against a minority, so therefore cannot possibly be enforced. I also pointed out that in his case, as a Romani, the legislation would also be racially discriminating! It’s a nonsense! He got me to promote my blog, too - several times!

This is a photo of the DVD he gave me. I looked him up. Interesting fellow. Check him out. Jake Bowers.

Oh yeah, I also got given a whole tray of mushrooms. That’s a lot of mushroom soup!

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