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‘Lockdown’ - Addendum

I am sitting here tonight chilled; relaxed, just thinking of the beautiful peace around me now. I’ve not had that since before I got here back in November.

I normally have an array of human behaviour going on outside my caravan; boy racers blatting past with their misfiring engines backfiring all over the place, twats who’ve got nothing better to do than to blat past while leaning on the horn, kids in the car park of the field I’m parked alongside hanging around with a bit Techno blasting out the car (decent Techno, if I’m lucky!), ambulances with those mega-bright LED blue lights flashing zipping by all night long, rich-kid boy racers with what are mostly decent motors with big V8 power units purring past, the midnight ramblers heading to and from the supermarket nearby and the rumble of wagons trundling to and from the industrial units.

Tonight I have peace!


I‘m going to have a good three weeks, at least.

Blessed be

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