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I’ve been thinking about how lucky I am! Despite everything (many stories), I have landed right. I have travelled from a darkness to land in a town I have never liked (more stories) to be near my family for the Winter, having not seen them for years. To then be stranded here due to the ‘lockdown’. Which has meant that due to my heart condition, my sons do not want me entering supermarkets and the like where conditions are ideal for nasty bugs to spread like wildfire, so they do my shopping. They also keep me supplied with water and deliver any parcels, etc. The consequence of which has meant that not only have I seen my family more often in the last month than I have in several many years!, but my sons have seen more of each other than they had been. The best is when, like today, they turn up simultaneously. Then it’s me and my boys, which reminds me of when they were children. They’re good kids and their love is obvious.

I’m going to be here a while longer yet. A virus is a virus and it will be back for a second helping, which will also be more deadly - they always are. Which means, a lot more time with my children. 👍👍

My only issue is not being able to get to see my amazing 83 y.o. mum.

Where I am, the cats have a huge field and plenty of woods to explore. The woods have the added bonus of having enough deadwood to last me a lifetime in fuel. Plus some essential herbs grow here, along with Hawthorn, which I need for my heart. There is also loads of Hazel.

I even have ‘permission’ to be here! That also means that I’m able to get work done on the caravan. And plenty of time to do it.

Thanks to this ‘lockdown’, it’s also peaceful come the evening.

Something that intrigues me is the oddity of the figures I get when it comes to the number of ‘views’ of each entry. More specifically, the entries about the cats. You would think that the number of times each ‘part’ is viewed would be more or less the same. Even with the growth of readership, readers would at least start from part 1 of the cats story (?) But no! It’s random. It would make sense if numbers were falling off, but no. Random. I understand that often people might get sidetracked or have a reason to re-read, or even that they might’ve clicked by mistake, but some of the figures are too wide. So it can’t be that. Odd.

Talking of the blog; I have also been thinking that if this blog really takes off, and it will (the signs are encouraging; getting on for 90 subscribers now), I am seriously thinking of setting myself up at Whirl-y-Fayre next year as a storyteller. I should think that Mary, who's festival it is, will be up for it. I reckon I could sell my smoking mixes to raise some fuel money and hang out a magic bag (I already have the ideal bag) for donations for any herbal medicines. It would be a great way to meet my readers, too. If I get enough interest, maybe I could do more festivals. What do you reckon?

I've just had a wild thought! If this blog is successful enough, some-one or more may well be able to help me to realise my idea of building a caravan from scratch. Then I could sell this one, which is already unique, on eBay auction, advertised, 'as featured in' and at the same time expand my readership by potentially millions! Which would mean that I would never have to worry about borrowing money for fuel and thus travel for the rest of my life in peace. LOL. But then, I am stoned! I have a great imagination when I’m stoned. Nice thought, though.

In the meantime, I’ve done very little the last couple of days. Despite the dry and fairly sunny days, I’ve been put off by strong cold winds. The winds are finally dying down now and the temperature is due to rise tomorrow, so I’ll get out and get some work done. Next week is looking good, too. If I get on it, maybe I can get to the point that the side is ready to paint by the end of next week. That’ll be good.

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Wizard Steve
Wizard Steve

Hi Sally, Thank you for your lovely feedback. I am enjoying putting my stories into words. I have for many years often thought about writing a book and this is a great way of telling my stories. My life, if nothing else, has been interesting. There are a great many volumes I can write. If you ever come across anyone who could and would turn my stories into book format, please send them my way! I have no idea how to publish anything myself.


I love reading your blogs, a few have made me cry. I adore reading about your Cats and feel like I am going through your emotions with you - gifted writer. I don't know much about festivals, or how successful a stall would be, but I think you are very much a writer and I believe you could get your stories published, or even publish yourself for people to buy on Amazon etc. I think with the help of an edit here and there, your book would be very successful. Good luck in all you do. Hugs for your lovely Cats

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