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On the road again - 11 - The South Downs, part 8 - Cissbury Ring

As the weather improved, I decided to make a move. I walked into town to stock up on groceries, first. I then left town via the bridge and joining the main A27 East-West road, continuing East. Soon, I split off onto the A road to Findon. A roundabout is at the end of the road where it meets the main A24 London-Worthing road.

Straight over the roundabout, we headed down into the town. We continued over the crossroads and kept left. The lane entered an avenue, then bends right. Just at that point, I took the road leading away onto open ground. I kept going until I reached a gate. To the left is a parking area. I positioned myself there.

Across from that spot is Cissbury Ring, the largest hillfort on the South Downs. The hillfort covers about 60 acres and has one of the oldest Neolithic flint mines. There are around 200 hundred shafts dropping to about 40’. It is a steep walk up to the hillfort, but we’ll worth it. The views are incredible. One can see along the south coast from Beachy Head to the East to the Isle of Wight to the West.

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Hey again Steve. That looks like a great spot! Its a pity that one or two of your photo's are so underexposed (for the land ... the sky's look fine!), that its hard to make out what I'm seeing.

Did you know that there is wealth of free, easy-easy-to-use photo-editing software out there that you can down load and use on a lap-top or desk-top that can really bring duff pix back to life ... Microsoft's own Photo viewer being one of them ... for example look at your photo below that I took the liberty of copying, then spending a few moments adjusting a couple of the exposure settings ... I haven't retained a copy, its your photo, do…

Replying to

Hi Dennis,

It is.

I know what you mean about the photos. The problem is that the photos were taken with an old mobile. The camera on it is not the best.

Yeah, I know about the various photoshop programmes. I’m crap with technology. I haven’t got a laptop, anyway. I use a tablet.

Unfortunately, I can’t look at what you’ve done as you haven’t published the photo! 😳

The photos from last year are much better and I have recently upgraded, so future photos should be better again. I am also thinking about getting a decent SLR camera and lenses.

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