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On the road again - 5 - Mendip Hills, part 4 - Computer breakdown and Waldegrave Pool

It was my intention to next head into Chew Valley. However, my mobile decided to stop working! I figured that the nearest place that I was likely to get it fixed was back down in Wells. Nightmare! There’s nothing worse than going back.

Wells is a very small city. In fact, outside the City of London, it is the smallest city in Britain.

In Wells, I quickly found a place to park, which was a short walk to the city centre. I found a mobile ‘phone shop in no time. I went in to enquire about what could be done with the defunct machine. “Nothing.” was the response and a lot of money to replace. As a result of some negotiation, I got the proprietor to telephone a shop in Street that I knew to be helpful. The man in Street reassured me that he would be able to help, so I thanked matey and got going, sharpish.

Now all the way back at Street, I headed for the only place I knew that I would find somewhere to park; Clarke’s Village, a large shopping precinct built on the site of the famous shoe makers factory. Unfortunately, it was an incredibly busy day, owing in part to the fact that it was also market day! I ended up parking alongside the end of a parking row in a place that was the least busy. I then rushed towards town and the high street. From there I marched the length, leaving the centre until I reached a parade of shops of which, one was the outlet I was aiming for.

In the shop, the proprietor was as helpful as ever. Given the time restrictions, repairing was not an option. He found a similar machine for which we agreed a price. He then ‘set it up’ for me and made sure everything was working. Fortunately, since changing to iPhones, all my photos, etc. are retrievable. As the thing was an upgrade of the defunct one, the bonus, I soon discovered, was a better camera!

Finally, I was good to go. I marched back to town. The market was done and being tacked down. I realised that I was extremely thirsty and needed a cuppa. I spotted a nice tearoom, entered and had a well needed brew. On the way out I bought some pastries for later. I felt that I deserved them after such a stressful day. Then back at the truck, quickly got gone.

We then headed back up onto the Mendips to pick up the road towards Chew Valley. En route, I spotted a nice layby next to a pool; Waldegrave Pool, as I later found out, for a well-earned rest.

The cats had been brilliant all day. They too, really deserved a chance to stretch their legs.

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New to your blog wizard Steve .. have had static van based cats before (and they were very loyal and did not wander) ... With a mobile approach ..was there any moments when you worried your cats may wander and be lost ... I now live full time in a campervan and would love the companionship of another ... How do you find your cats??

Wizard Steve
Wizard Steve
May 28, 2022
Replying to

Welcome! I constantly worry about the cats. That’s natural, though unnecessary. Cats are never lost. They always know where they are. Cats will only be where they want to be. That is why one does not own a cat. A cat is legally a wild animal. The idea that a cat is a domestic animal is a bit of a misconception. Cats settled with humans when humans settled. They did so because of the rodents that also became prevalent around human settlements. ‘My’ two where born in this caravan. It does not matter to them where we are, as long as the caravan is there. They often go off for hours at a time. In the height of Summer when the weather…

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