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On the road again - 8 - Pewsey Vale, part 3 - A walk along the Kennet and Avon Canal

One beautifully glorious day, I decided to go out for the day to a village called Honeystreet. Honeystreet is nestled on the banks of the Kennet and Avon Canal. There is an inn there called the Barge Inn that has a campsite attached. Non patrons are welcome to use the shower and laundry facilities provided. I had a shower and waited for a washing machine to become available. As soon as one did, I went to get my laundry. On returning, I was confronted by a woman who came across aggressively. She told me that I had to queue to use the machines. I politely told her that I was well aware of that fact and had been doing just that. However, I didn’t want any confrontation, so told her that I was more than happy to get another pint and wait a little longer. In fact, I bought a small lunch with my beer and continued to read my book sat under a parasol by the bank of the canal. I was in no hurry.

After doing my laundry, I decided to go for a walk along the towpath. I walked until I reached a village called All Cannings. There, I plumped to return. The thing about towpaths is that they are of course, as long as the canals themselves, so one could literally walk for many, many miles. I stopped and chatted to a few people along the way, particularly those moored along the banks.

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Lovely. Used to walk along this canal lots miles away in space and time in my childhood in Newbury, Berks.

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