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On the road again - 8 - Pewsey Vale, part 2 - A walk to Avebury

A couple of days into my stay there a fella called Mark, a very peaceful man who spent much of his time playing a hang, Kylie, who had two children and was parked next to me, and I, walked to Avebury. It was slow going as we had the children in tow who were quite young. We walked the Ridgeway until we reached a path to the left. From there Avebury is ahead, albeit some distance.

We wandered about the town

and walked the circumference of what is the largest stone circle in the world.

We then relaxed among the stones before heading back.

En route, we foraged elderberries and maize. We then pulled resources by adding mushrooms, peppers and onions, cooking corn on the cob for all on the campfire. Then added apples to the elderberries for a desert. A communal fire was the norm. We would sit around chatting, toking and playing music most evenings. A woman called Angel would often stop by with her guitar.

We generally went foraging for firewood at a local woodland known as West Woods. Sometimes we took the children, getting them involved. I always took the truck. Kylie took me shopping in her van when she went. We would head into Marlborough.

Kylie is computer literate. I had mentioned the idea of a blog to her. She was great and helped me to get set up, downloading the relevant programs onto my device for me and giving me a basic tutorial.

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