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Out of gas!

The last couple of days have been quite stressful. I ran out of gas. As always, part way through cooking my dinner! I had a pie in the oven! Shannon came to my rescue. We went miles wandering about finding somewhere that stocked 19kg propane gas bottles. Unbelievable! As ever in this forsaken town, it’s like looking for rocking horse shit!

Found somewhere eventually. That wiped out the last of my money.

The next day it rained, so I wasn’t working on the truck.

Plus, this little computer thing is playing up. It’s an iPhone, I believe. I’ve no idea what number. Anyway, it’s got one of those swipe-screens; it’s playing up. I more often than not have to tap away at an icon a number of times before it works. Also, the loudspeaker doesn’t always work. I always talk to people on loudspeaker as I can’t have this thing up at my ear. The heat that comes off of one of these things is immense! It literally burns the side of my head! Imagine the radiation coming off of it! No wonder some of the kids these days are so brainless!

Then I managed to lose the last of my hashish! Eventually, after resigning myself to the fact that one day in the future, whilst having a good tidy up, I will have a fortuitous find, I spotted it lying just under my bed! What a relief!

Water has been an issue, too. Shannon usually takes my bottles off to refill them. As to how long it takes is often a lottery. In an effort to regulate the water deliveries as well as trying to reduce the mileage Shannon needs to cover, I gave him half the bottles with the idea that he would drop them off when was next going to the supermarket nearby, which incidentally, he told me, would be the very next day. He forgot. Then sent his car in for a service - late. I went to the supermarket and bought a bottle of water.

I then managed to break a bottle! I had left it by the door. Unfortunately, as I opened the door on the way out, the bottle fell out onto the pavement and smashed. My bad for leaving it there. I had left it on the side of the doorway that is damaged, so it simply did what was inevitable.

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