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Pasta sauce

Along with all that tinned stuff the other day were jars of pasta sauce. So, not wanting the sauce to be wasted, as soon as I could afford to, I bought the fresh ingredients to make a large pan of the mince and vegetable mix; enough for several days. I have plenty of dried pasta and all I need do is knock up the pasta I need each day. Cool, all cheap and straight forward, especially as I simply warm the mix on the burner.

I knocked everything up and then set it to one side. When I was ready to eat, I put the pan on the burner and heated the pasta. Great and very tasty. Except, there seemed to be something missing. Just that little extra. “Oh well”, I thought and tucked into the lovely food. Just as I lapped up the last of it on my plate, it dawned on me; Oregano! I forgot the Oregano. No matter, it was still good.

The next day, I had another helping. Warmed the pan on the burner and heated some pasta. Ate it, then realised I‘d forgotten the Oregano again. But, oh! Wait a minute! I know what’s been missing these last two days! The pasta sauce!!!!

What a Wally! I made the meal specifically to use the jar of pasta sauce before it went off and completely forgot to actually use it!

Incredible. No matter. It’s a great and cheap meal that lasts, so I will do another pan up. Maybe add to the one I’ve got on the go. But this time, remember the sauce!

In the meantime, my truck is up and running at last. It’s been a bit of a saga, which I will come to soon. There’s still a couple of things I need to do. After that, you’ll get the full story. At least I can get about.

It was in doing so that I noticed that the Council had repaired the pothole I had photographed. Well, when I say, ‘repaired’, what I actually mean is, ‘chucked some tarmac in the hole’.


I had been out with Barry pricing up a potential job. We had just got home when my son, Michael turned up to collect my rubbish to dispose of. I immediately employed them to retain a fallen tree I had espied. We, or I should say, they, got it home, at which point a quick paced out measure revealed that the tree is about 27’ long! That will give me something to do, cutting that up!

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