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Smartening up the roof

Now that the sides were painted, the obvious thing to do was to turn to the roof.

I removed the aerial and what remained of the coax cable. I tidied up the flashing, covering the protruding screw heads to form a smooth finish. Then primed the entire roof.

I then painted the roof with a few coats of the blue.

Michael had found a bloke selling ex solar farm panels in the Slough area. They were a very good price. He contacted matey and arranged to view them. Shortly thereafter, he drove up and after choosing two (Michael had one), tested them, before heading back. They are 490w 8x4 panels.

So, with Michael’s help, I fitted a couple of lengths of 3x1 to the ceiling, running coach bolts through.

Then, with the additional help of Michael’s mate, Froogy, we fitted a solar panel.

A snug fit!

I sourced a cable gland (unfortunately, I could only find a plastic one), then primed it. I disconnected the cabling from the panel on the truck. I then ran the cables down through the hole that was originally used for the coax and fitted the gland over. I connected the cables to the panel and checked that everything was in working order before I permanently fixed the gland. Finally, I painted the gland to blend in with the rest of the roof.

NB. Looks like the roof needs another wash down!

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