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Solar power and a conman

One morning, literally within two minutes of me rising from my bed at around 6am, there was a loud bang as something heavy hit the caravan wall. I went outside to examine the scene. There was glass all over the road and a deep dent in the side panel of the caravan.

I came in. I put the kettle on. No gas!! I could feel the stress levels rising rapidly!

I gave a shout out for some tea. Within a short space of time, I had a nice hot cup of tea brought to me by the granddaughter of a neighbour who visits regularly. Then Mick appeared with a whole flask of tea! The stress levels subsided.

Michael turned up, took the gas bottle and got a replacement. Michael has since sourced a spare bottle. Once filled, I’ll have a spare!

While the ‘Saga of repairing the truck’ continues, after a ‘covid’ hiatus, I decided to mount the solar panel the boys bought for me on the roof, keeping the truck battery charged without the need for starting the engine. It means that I can charge my cordless tool batteries, too. Up to this point I had to send them off with Michael to charge.

On a number of occasions I have had people who stop by and ask to borrow tools. What it is about me that makes people of a certain character think that I am gullible enough to lend tools to a complete stranger, I do not know. The latest was a lad in his 20s who pulled up in front of my caravan. While his girlfriend hung out of the car door window, he asked if I had a bow saw. I lied by saying no, knowing full well what was about to transpire. He asked if I knew where he could get one. I suggested a well known store. He asked for directions, to which he felt that he could not follow as he didn’t know the area. He asked to buy my chainsaw. I just looked at him.

“I need to cut some wood. I can borrow it. I’m not far away. I’ll bring it back.” Were his next words.

“I’ll tell you what. You bring whatever you need cutting here, I’ll then cut it for you.” was my response.

He went on his way.

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