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‘Stern’ responses

Well, well, well. I cannot help but wonder at some of the nonsense that people come out with. There really are some that genuinely do not have the sense that they were undoubtedly born with.

As is often the case whenever I post some form of statement on Facebook, an avalanche of comments came flooding in. In the main, they were messages of support. I am referring to the ‘stern announcement’ I posted regarding the habit of calling out the fire brigade because I have a burner on the go which I told you about in the previous entry.

Of the negative comments, most weren’t that bad and some even understood once I’d corrected some of their assumptions. However, some were incredibly naïve or simply uneducated nonsense. One suggested that it was my fault for not using kiln dried logs. One suggested that I should install a taller chimney! Another suggested that I should find an alternative way of heating my caravan and get this, accused me of polluting the air! I of course, pointed out that burning wood does not pollute and that it is the most ecologically efficient way of heating and cooking. I really couldn’t believe what I was reading.

I was also told that I was ungrateful, selfish and a twat. A couple suggested that I should just burn and that it would be my fault for crying wolf (?). Again and again I responded by pointing out that I merely wanted whomever to stop, think and employ a bit of common sense. That’s all.

The other thing that came from that post was another boost in the readership of my blog and the number of subscribers increased. Which reminds me; have you subscribed? It’s free and helps me; something about algorithms, I think. Membership, apparently allows you to comment and interact more. That’s also free. Please consider it if you haven’t already done so. Thanks x

I also got another pile of ‘friend’ requests. I wrote to all those that sent a request directing them to my page as I prefer to keep my personal page to actual friends. I’m thinking about dropping the .blog bit on that page and just have it as Wizard Steve. What do you think? Would it be better; a little more personal? There’s loads of links to the blog from there, anyway.

And, as I always say, where there’s a Yin, there’s a Yang. By that, I mean that despite, or due to the numbskulls, there are those acts of generosity and kindness. An equally balanced other side of the coin. More gifts of food have arrived. I had a huge and heavy box delivered by a couple of lovely ladies full of groceries. An older gentleman appeared with a carrier bag of chocolates. Not cheap stuff, either, but expensive Swiss chocolates from Marks and Spencer! He didn’t even hang around for me to thank him properly.

I am , yet again, astounded and humbled.

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1 Comment

I always wonder way these idiots even bother to comment. It’s like they have nothing better to do than moan and whinge about something that doesn’t concern them, so why bother. The answer is that they want other people to be as miserable as they are. Best of luck Steve, at least your not scared to be you.

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