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Thank you!

Wow! What have I done? That ad./post I published went mental!

I’ve had over 200 reactions (👍/❤️) on the local Facebook community and selling pages, quite a few ‘shares’ and loads of great feedback, good wishes and encouragement, though there was one odd comment; some-one wrote something along the lines of ‘Am I missing a trick? I should sell up, buy a scrap van, sell snake potions and scrounge food.’ He clearly didn’t bother to read the post. I’m guessing that he spotted a couple of key words and presumed the rest based on his prejudices. He also went on about sanitation and paying no taxes. It’s strange; the preconceived ideas people have .

On this blog, the number of subscribers had a significant boost and the number of hits I got on what was the latest post (A new paint job) more than trebled!

The most incredible thing that happened was the financial gifts! I suddenly started getting messages from PayPal informing me of donations received. I’ve even had donations given to me in person! Talking of PayPal, I have discovered that PayPal take a fair chunk of the donations sent. I have looked into an alternative option. There is something called, but I don’t seem to able to set it up for some reason. I’d appreciate any help/advice.

Just before all this went mad, I was gifted a meal. There is a couple who often stop by for a chat and a toke. They live in a nearby woods. He, Stuart, works with vulnerable people and organises woodland camps. They often drop off a few tins, etc. of food. They came round one evening with chicken curry and rice. It was great and a nice change from cooking and eating alone. Community meals are the best!

I have been humbled by the love, kindness and generosity of so many. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Bless you all!


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