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Flies and Pikies

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

I thought I would quickly let you know how things are going with the work on the caravan. At the moment, it is all bodywork; sanding and filling. It’s coming along. Passers by have noticed the difference. I don’t always see it, but then, I’m on it all the time. However, a week on from when I started, I can see the difference. Hopefully, it will be ready to prime soon.

Yesterday, I was confronted by a couple of flies making whoopie just where I was working. They were stuck together, so I didn’t want to interfere in any way and worked around them. I don’t know anything about insects. Maybe you could tell me what they are.

As you can see, they are quite long and are of a good size. There appears to be a few of them around here.

Today, I was approached by some Irish Pikies. They just stopped in the middle of the road. I then got the usual “Are you a traveller?“, “Is that your truck?”, etc. After which, they moved on. Or at least, that’s what I thought they’d done. But no! They went up the road and turned round. Next thing I knew, they were wandering around the caravan with a camera running on a mobile asking the same questions, along with things like, “How long have you been a traveller?”. Each time I answered, I would then get a previous question asked again, but by a different person. There were three of them, one of which was a child. Even he would repeat the same questions. I think they all asked the same questions at one point or another. They then left. But not before they offloaded the rubbish they had in their pick-up! Oh, and they all thought it a good idea to openly piss nearby. The trouble is, now that they know I’m here, they will likely be back, either trying to sell me a generator or offering me some dodgy work for the truck. I dare say that if I was to ask their names, they’d all be called John. I don’t think I have ever met one that isn’t called John! Anyway, we’ll just have to see.

Usually, things are fairly run-of-the-mill around here. However, there was one incident I have not told you about. It was a while ago now. I was minding my own business as one does one evening, when I heard a loud bang. I looked out the window, but saw nothing particular. I sat down, then heard another loud bang. This time, I also noticed a glow shining through the front left window. I opened the door, looked out and saw a car on fire in the car park of the field I’m parked alongside. I ‘phoned the fire brigade and made sure the cats were in. It turned out to be nicked. No surprise there. It was obviously either that or an ‘insurance job‘. If you’re interested, it was one of those BMW Mini things. It did half go up! I sat and watched for a while. Quite a scene. It got removed eventually.

Another time, there was an accident right by my truck. I rushed outside when I heard the screech and bang as I thought that they might have hit the truck. I’m not sure exactly how it happened as the damage on both motor vehicles didn’t make sense. A Land Rover appears to have hit a Beemer side on. The trouble is, the damage to the Land Rover was on the nearside corner and the BMW had practically the whole of the nearside torn off, which seems to suggest that some-one was on the wrong side of the road. Weird. That was stuck behind my truck for a week before being towed away.

Anyway, back to today. I have been trying to copy an old video that is on my Facebook page. I wanted to extract it so that I could use it in one of my entries about the cats. The video is a few years old and was taken on a device I long-since no longer have. I have figured out how to extract old photographs, but can’t work out how to do the same with the video. Do you have any idea?

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Wizard Steve
Wizard Steve

I am fully aware that ‘pikey’ is used derogatorily to refer to all travellers and sometimes gypsies. I myself am offended by it’s misuse. (I refer you to my response above). The persons I encountered were conmen, fleecers, thieves, scoundrels and vagabonds; i.e. pikeys. Please be assured that if they were not, I would not have referred to them as such. I have read the article in the link, twice. In all the years that I have travelled I have never had a problem with the disposal of my rubbish. (I mention the litter problem in an earlier post). Wiz


Yes I know the etymology of the word. We are not in the 19th century now, in 2020 pikey is a derogatory term used against Travellers. Maybe read that link properly, the part about the rubbish. Maybe listen to Travellers who say they find that word highly offensive.


Wizard Steve
Wizard Steve

Hi, Thanks for your comment. Thank you also for adding the link. I’m sorry you feel my wording offensive. I can only express my experience. I have been a traveller for more than 40 years and have met many other travellers of all races and creeds, some still friends to this day. I know all about prejudices, too. I have, of course, experienced the butt of those less informed. I am often at pains to explain that I am not a pikey, I am a traveller, despite the registration number on my truck! (It almost reads PIKEY!) I don’t know what you know about the etymology of the word, pikey. It comes from the word ‘turnpike’. A turnpike was a word to…


Pikey is a derogatory term and your words stink of prejudice and bias. Maybe a little bit of education on Travellers may help you.

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