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Visiting my mum via Tilgate Forest

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Getting to mum’s was a mini adventure. Each time I went I took a slightly different route. In the end, I had it down to a T; the perfect route.

From where I was parked, I only needed to go up the old Brighton Road, over the new junction and down what is now a footpath.

I then crossed the busy new link road and into the woods. I then followed a BMX trail.

I followed the trail to a fence. On the first expedition I followed the satnav thing on my mobile for the most direct route. Big mistake! Never trust a computer. It cannot distinguish natural trails. I ended up with some very heavy going. I followed a trail that was actually the path of telegraph poles. Eventually though, I reached the perimeter of Tilgate Park.

Here, I met a couple of park-keepers. I asked them for the direction of the lake. They pointed me in the direction of the main lake. I thanked them and headed off. However, I just knew I was going in the wrong direction. It didn’t feel right. Trusting my instincts, I turned around and headed back, then continued on. In no time I found a lovely footpath.

That took me right pass the lake.

Canada Goose

Canada Goose family

Titmus Lake

As from the next day, I ignored modern technology and followed my instincts. I followed the BMX trail to the fence. From there, I forked left. After this point, the route differed a couple of times.

One day, I met a lady who introduced herself as Wendy. She suggested another route. I tried it. It was better, but I found another tweak that improved on Wendy’s route. It took me through a Pine forest. It was the one I settled on.

It was great seeing my mum. I went over everyday, bar a couple that I had at home with Rowan. I would walk through the Forest in the morning. I then spent the day pottering about with maintenance jobs. My sister, Lindsay, is quite a strong character. Quite brilliant, really. She does quite a bit, but can’t do everything. My brother, Mark, is well, not ‘practically’ minded. Apparently, he can do some basic jobs.

Blue Bugleweed


Of course, the practical bonuses of seeing my mum is numerous! A shower, laundry and best of all, homemade, home cooked food! Pudding of the visit was banoffee pie! She made a second one, of which I took a large chunk when I moved on. She also gave me some jam tarts and a really tasty lemon drizzle cake. On top of the huge pile of laundry, she also washed all my curtains and netting.

At the weekend, Lindsay took us DIY shopping. She also collected all my tools that were needed and took me home every evening. One day, we had to re-route. The police had closed off a road not far from our mum’s. I think there was some mention of murder or drug death.

Common Male Fern

I took a day off after I had had a difficult day and bad night. Lindsay contacted the local GP who told her to ask the prescribing doctor to generate a repeat prescription for the medication that I am on. I telephoned the GP practice that I saw when I was in Chilham.* As I was only a temporary patient, they no longer have access to my records. I had to contact the previous GP. That is in Hastings. I had signed on with the Churchwood Medical Practice when a suffered a serious hernia.**

Yellow Pimpernel

That’s when the farce began. To cut a long story short, I telephoned the GP practice in Hastings to order a repeat prescription. I received a text message saying that the prescription was ready at the local pharmacy. Lindsay kindly collected it. However, it was the wrong medication. I telephoned the GP surgery to inform them of the mistake. I was told that ‘controlled drugs’ were not prescribed for backache. Confused, I told the receptionist that I do not have backache. I explained that I have a serious back injury that has been examined by a number of specialists and surgeons. Notes were apparently made and another prescription was ordered. That went to a supermarket in Hastings. I telephoned again. I was told to contact the supermarket. I refused saying that they should rectify the mistake as it is their mistake. I received another text message stating that my prescription was ready for collection at the local pharmacy. This time, I popped in myself. Wrong medication again! The pharmacist asked why I was refusing the medication. I told her. She agreed that the medication that was being prescribed was inadequate. I telephoned the GP practice yet again. I was told the same nonsense about backache. I pointed out all that I had before and added that it was all a matter of record. “So, why are my records not being referred to and who is telling the doctor that I have backache?” I asked to speak to a doctor. Ultimately, that right was refused and I got a text message stating that the GP practice does not prescribe ‘controlled drugs’ for backache! Exasperated, I simply wrote a formal letter of complaint, a copy of which, I sent to the NHS complaints board.

I still have some of the Oramorph. I was hoping to top it up while I had the chance (i.e. stopped for long enough). I still have a long way to go before I stop for the Winter. As it happens, I need it rarely in the warmer, drier weather. I’ve exercised my back with walking, though I try not to overdo it. I notice it when I’ve overdone the distance. If the weather stays good, I’ll hopefully make it to Cornwall before I run out. There, I will go to see my old doctor that I was registered with previously.

Germander Speedwell

My mobile decided to play up at this time. Lindsay took me into town to get the screen looked at. It was randomly opening apps and doing all sorts of odd things. The man in the first shop I entered said that it was a faulty screen so therefore, needed to be returned to the person who fitted it. Lindsay then kindly took me to the shop in Haywards Heath, where I had gone after the drowning at Ardingly Reservoir.*** We found the shop quickly and after some conversation, including the fact the the mobile refused to go wrong!, I paid for a new screen, albeit at a discounted price.

Blue Bugleweed and Germander Speedwell

There was one other challenge to deal with. As you will know, I’m not happy with Wix and had, with Daniel’s help, transferred the entire blog to WordPress. However, that went horribly wrong. WordPress advertise that they can transfer websites from any host. Not true! They cannot transfer my blog. The reason? Wix refuse to release my work! It took about five days to get it sorted out. In the meantime, you, as you noticed, couldn’t log-on to my blog. I lost some administration costs, but saved £140 on a deal. It does mean that I am still with Wix, for the time being. The bandwidth (is that right?) is incredibly slow, they’re a pretty poor operation and loads of obvious ‘tools’(?) not available that would make your experience a better one. On the other hand, they’re cheap in comparison, have super-fast call-back when dealing with problems and, I guess ultimately, better the devil you know.

Wood Speedwell

On the last evening before I headed on, Lindsay booked a table at the pub in Pease Pottage, the Black Swan. We had a very good meal there. I had a roast beef. The Yorkshire puddings were perfect.

*see entry Chilham comes to my aid

**see entry A hernia

***see entries Ardingly Reservoir and Ouse Valley Viaduct

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