Naturally Curious

Welcome to the life and wanderings of a Wizard and two cats.


A couple of new windows

Do you remember the window that was vandalised?* Well, obviously, it needed repairing, and, you may also remember that I replaced the...

On the road again - 7 - Bratton Camp

I continued eastbound on the main A362 to Frome where I joined the A road through Chapmanslade to Westbury. At the end of the road I...

On the road again - 6 - Chew Valley

I had originally thought that I would head for Blagden Lake before Chew Valley Lake and didn’t see any reason to divert from that. So, I...

An operation

One day, out of the blue, I received a telephone call. It was from the local hospital. There had been a cancellation, meaning that a slot...

Health issues

A short while ago I was contacted by the local dole office concerning my work pattern. They were concerned about the little and irregular...

Dodgy deals and weather chaos

I forgot to mention in my last general post about the logs I was given. A bloke stopped by. During the conversation, he mentioned that he...

On the road again - 4 - Whirl-y-Fayre

I seem to remember some-one saying that it was possible to park by the beach in Minehead, so I thought I would check it out. I therefore...

Windfall and flyers, etc.

A lad appeared one day asking for directions to a road that is about half a mile away. He told me that he had walked from town. He had...


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I have been a wanderer for most of my life and have lived in a caravan for a number of years now, wandering about here and there.

However, the caravan is old and therefore in constant need of repair.

So, the idea is to build a caravan from scratch.

Then get back to travelling.

In this blog I will talk about myself and the cats that live and travel with me, as well as share my progress. 

In life, I am lucky to have the friends that I do; genuine people who I love deeply and whose love I treasure.

You will ‘meet’ some of them as I share some wonderful memories.

There will be links to some of those friends’ sites so that you can also check out some amazing musicians and artists of all kinds.

Welcome and enjoy!