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Yesterday was a complete washout. It just poured rain all day, evening and into the night. I ended up spending hours writing to a man who for whatever reason thinks that I can help him. He has an array of psychological and physical issues. Too much to go into here. He has bombarded me with those fruitnut ‘conspiracy’ videos for a while. As it was raining, I decided that it was time to deal with this. Again, I’m not going to go into details. I think I spent up to six hours writing to him, carefully explaining the facts about an array of barking ideas, answering questions and explaining theology, philosophy and archeology of religion, history and etymology and of a number of misconceptions and misleading ideology thereof. Exhausting.

I then spent the evening on the ‘phone with a girlfriend that I’ve known for a good while now. She also has some serious issues that she is trying to deal with. I enjoyed that conversation. Possibly the best chat that we’ve had in a while. I think she’ll be alright. She just needs to remove herself from her current situation. Not so easy when she has nothing and stuck in a council flat surrounded by all manor of nutters and dealers. She tries to get out as often as possible to do Tai chi, but even that has it‘s hazards when surrounded by so many ignorant arses.

The rain continued to pour as I settled down for the night with the burner ticking away quite happily and the cats proper snuggled up.

At some point in the middle of the night I was awoken by silence. That special kind of silence that only comes about when it snows.

Rowan sat and watched the snow falling in sheets. I got up too. It settled quickly. After a while, the snow became sleet, then light rain which finally stopped by early morning. By mid morning any snow still lying about melted in the sun.

In the afternoon, as I was just finishing up cutting wood to replenish what I had used last evening, some bloke stopped by with a carrier bag of groceries. He also gave me a pack of those woodchip log things. He mentioned the temperature. I thanked him for his kindness. There’s a huge bar of chocolate in the bag! I put the log things away. I’ll keep them for emergencies.

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