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Updated: Jan 16, 2023

I have had a bit of a nightmare with technology today. Some strange things were going on with my website. After a series of text disappearing, then reappearing, only to disappear again, then finally partially reappear, I eventually managed to publish the post. But, when I looked at it to check what it looks like, I discovered huge gaps and photographs duplicated. Moreover, the layout differed from one route to it than another. i.e. Through the app or via a search engine (is that the right term?)

To resolve the problem, I enlisted the help of Daniel. We ended up having a two hours plus telephone conference! Firstly, we started by making a copy of the original correct draft text and saving it on his laptop. We then recreated the blog post.

It took a while as we initially tried removing sections of the original post, saving then pasting and re-saving. Eventually, the post was in such a mess that we decided to start the whole post again as a new post. Daniel pasted a copy of the original post text from the original saved draft. We then published it. I renamed it so as to identify which post was which. When we checked, on both computers, everything was in order. I then pasted the photographs one at a time, checking that all was well until we came up with the finished article. I then renamed that one and published. Again, we checked via the various routes and devices. All good. Yay!

I then deleted the original and second versions. I’ve kept the bracketed title as it’s relevant. Apologies if you’ve been ‘spammed’, as Daniel put it. I’m guessing you got a pile of notifications. If you want to, go back and have it re-read,. it reads much better.


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