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On the road again - 3 - Exmoor, part 1 - The moor

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Leaving Exeter was straightforward. I kept to the main A377, then split off onto the A396 heading northbound alongside the route of the River Exe. Once through Tiverton, the road tends to hug closer to the river and beyond Exebridge climbs onto Exmoor. As the cats had been cooped up in the truck all day, I decided to stop for the night at the first suitable layby. Surprisingly, there weren’t many. I eventually plumped for a quiet one just outside a village called Bridgetown. It was pleasant enough and close to the river.

The next day, I split off the main road to continue following the route of the Exe, passing through the villages of Winsford and Exford where I picked up the B road to Simonsbath, after which we were on the moor proper. As on Dartmoor, there are plenty of parking areas. I chose one and that was us for a couple of nights.

The ponies of Exmoor are notoriously shy. As a result, one rarely sees them. It is more likely that deer will be seen.

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