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On the road again - 3 - Exmoor, part 4 - Porlock Hill

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

In due course, and after a wonderful break, it was time to move on. I stocked up from Dom’s wonderful shop ( I gave Dom a load of Bamboo and a chiminea that I had picked up long ago and was not likely to use anytime soon. We said our fond farewells, then with the cats onboard, set off.

The road down to Lynmouth is narrow and is single-file in places. There are also overhanging cliffs along the route. Eventually, in town, we passed over the bridges over the Lyn rivers that I had walked over a few days prior, then climbed up the first of a number of steep hills that transcend the coastal route of Exmoor. The views across the Bristol Channel are incredible. At the top of Porlock Hill I spotted a brilliant and sizeable parking area. It has the perfect view overlooking Porlock Weir. I immediately swung in. That was definitely me for a night or two!

Arian was out and had caught a mouse before I had had time to put the kettle on!

The view is amazing. One can see the south coast of Wales from Swansea to Cardiff. The weather was clear enough to see the Severn Crossing in the mouth of that river.

As night fell, the Welsh coast lit up.

Soon though, it was time to move on. We descended the steep and dangerous road down into Porlock. Porlock Hill is famous for killing motorised vehicles. Be sure to have good brakes when descending and a good clutch when ascending! Once through the village, the road becomes the Minehead road as it climbs over the last major hill before descending down and off of Exmoor.

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