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Technology disaster

You should have read at least part 5 of the cats’ story today, along with part 6 by now. Sadly, you won’t be. Instead, you’ve got this.

I am extremely upset! Even on the verge of giving up on this! Here’s why:

After publishing part 4 last night I decided to crack on with part 5 while I was on a roll. I spent hours writing. I made sure I saved the text I had written as and when I reached a natural break (usually at the end of a paragraph). Once I was happy that I had reached again a natural point of ending the chapter, I saved all, then proof-read the finished chapter. I corrected mistakes and re-edited where I felt it needed, re-read and edited, until I was happy with the final draft. I uploaded the photo I wanted to use, then went to edit the title before posting.....

Gone! Vanished! The lot. Every last word. Several hours of my time and effort. Whoosh! Gone. Disappeared. I had spent hours working on the entry. It was 4:00. I had been up all night. For what!?

I searched and searched. Nothing. Not deleted. Not moved. Not archived or scheduled. Just gone.

It would be an understatement to say that I am upset! How is it possible that such a calamity can happen?

I got Daniel to see if he could find the missing entry with his laptop. No, nothing. He contacted Wix. They couldn’t find it. They blamed my internet connection. Daniel pointed out that this wasn’t the first time and that I had had all sorts of problems with the layout; photos duplicating themselves and letters randomly disappearing. It was their site that is the problem. It’s crap! Wix are supposed to be one of the leading companies for hosting blogs. If that is true, what the hell are the other sites like?! If you are looking to start a blog, I seriously do not recommend Wix. They are diabolical! I need to find a reliable alternative. Can you help? The trouble is, I am tied to a contract. They already have money that they will unlikely refund, despite what I consider to be a breach of contract. Which means I’m stuck with them for the time being.

In light of what has happened, I am not exactly inclined to write. I’m sorry if you were looking forward to the rest of the story, but it’s not happening. I’m deflated and tired. To be honest, you’re lucky to get this. Daniel set up something called Notebook on my mobile today. It means that I can write the draft there, then copy and paste into the draft page on the blog. If Wix then stitches me up again, I only need copy again and paste into another draft. It is only that this Notebook thing has been installed that I used the opportunity to try it out. Hence why you’re getting something as opposed to nothing.

Don’t worry, though. You will get the rest of the story, just not today. It’s a shame because today is officially the cat’s birthday as today is the Full Moon and I wanted you to have the completed story to date today. I hope this break won’t spoil your enjoyment. Please bare with me, it’ll be worth it.


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